Connections Denmark is an interdenominational network of churches and ministries that relate to each other through experiencing living fellowship.

We see ourselves as an Apostolic Network, where the different ministry gifts function.
We desire to fulfill the command of Jesus: to make disciples of all nations and to teach them to remember everything that He has commanded us.

  Explained briefly, we wish to see the vision fulfilled in 3 ways:

• relationships
• training
• mission


We are a network based on relationships. We wish to create an authentic fellowship where church leaders can meet.
We desire to have covenant relationships where there are no political agendas or power play, but where there are transparent relationships that leads to fruitfull blessings.


We will train and develope people for ministry. We desire to develope new leaders, and to give the people in the different congregations opportunities to expand and mature. This kind of training can be found locally, nationally and internationally.


We wish to fulfill Jesus’ command to: ‘Go out into all the world...’
This applies locally, nationally and internationally.
We desire to send out ministry teams who will serve under an apostolic leadership. Ministry teams that will help the local churches to train and equip leaders.

How can you relate to Connections Denmark?
Connections is not a church, and there are no registration forms that need to be signed.

One can participate based on three different relationship levels:

• Fellowship
• Co-operating/working together
• Covenant relationship

- read more about the different levels here!

Let's build His
Kingdom together!

Kim Torp
- leader of Connections Denmark